unigrind GmbH & Co. KG in Australia
Valve Machining and Testing Technology - The Highest Standard in Precision

Since 1984, unigrind has been offering high-quality machining and testing products for industrial valves, including products for the machining of sealing surfaces on industrial valves, pumps, pipelines, turbine housings, compressors, etc.

unigrind develops and produces industrial valve test stands for pressure, leak, and flow testing on gates, butterfly valves, valves, ball valves, and safety valves, with all products developed and produced in-house.

The unigrind product range includes:

  • Portable grinding and lapping machines
  • Technology and processes for grinding safety valves
  • Portable turning and milling machines
  • High-speed grinding technology
  • Stationary grinding and turning technology
  • Flat lapping machines
  • Portable devices for pressure testing
  • Stationary and mobile valve test stands
  • Project planning of workshops for repair of valves
  • Project planning and construction of special workshop containers

unigrind is a technological leader in high-speed grinding and safety valve grinding technology, currently selling products in more than 80 countries around the world.

For more information visit the unigrind Website.


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