AUMA in Australia

Barron provides AUMA actuators and gearboxes for power generation in Australia and water quality industries.

AUMA's SA series multiturn electric actuators are suitable for on/off or modulating service.The polyphase motor, controls & switches are modular & have "plug in" connectors providing flexibility in design & easy maintenance. Gearhousings are high quality cast iron & have IP 68 protection as standard.

Actuator Torque Ranges
SA or SAR07.6 = 60NM torque
SA or SAR10.2 = 120NM torque
SA or SAR14.2 = 250NM torque
SA or SAR14.6 = 500NM torque
SA or SAR16.2 = 1000NM torque

Speeds available from a low 4rpm to 180rpm in regular steps. Modulating up to 90rpm. Integral starters & controls are a "plug in", or WALL bracket option which can be remotely mounted.

AUMA's special worm gearboxes extend the operation of the SA series actuator so that it may drive quarter turn valves, dampers or gates. The removable coupling, full wheel & IP68 housing are value features.

Gearbox Torque Ranges
GS80.3 = 1400NM torque
GS100.3 = 2800NM torque
GS125.3 = 5600NM torque
GS160.3 = 8000NM torque
GS200.3 = 16000NM torque
GS250.3 = 32,000NM torque
GS315 = 63000NM torque
GS400 = 125000NM torque
GS500= 250000NM torque

For more information visit the AUMA Website.



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